Beautiful Rural Estate in Kent

This garden is set within 40 acres of beautiful Kent countryside and we designed and built a fantastic lifestyle space that was focused around some amazing outbuildings, We designed in a swimming pool and entertaining areas that had close links to the natural surroundings. A courtyard garden was installed as the entrance to the area with re-purposed concrete animal troughs that we converted in to water features, A kitchen garden with impressive Alitex greenhouse was installed along with raised flowerbeds that are bursting with produce.

The paving was a porcelain that is easily maintained and kept clean and the structure was a Renson that has an opening roof, lights and heaters to extend the usage after the sun goes down. A full lighting scheme was installed which really brings the lush planting to life at night and makes for a wonderful place to sit and enjoy nature.

A stunning garden which is a real asset to the property and one to be enjoyed with a glass of wine on a summers evening whilst relaxing.