All great gardens start with a design, By drawing up the outdoor spaces you can really start to plan the areas well & create a lovely flowing scheme that fits with peoples modern day lifestyles. A good garden designer can listen to your shopping list of ideas and then interpret them into a workable design solution that surpasses all your expectations.

We pride ourselves on being able to work with clients to design gardens that reflect their taste & lifestyle and along with our experience of undertaking these projects can ensure we deliver to you a professional design service along with a well managed construction project.

The design process is a fun experience where you get to see your garden transformed on paper and through the eyes of a third party, It normally invokes great discussion and debate over the ideas and solutions at the meetings but this ultimately means you end up with the garden that you want.

The process starts with an initial meeting to meet you and look around the garden, At this stage we discuss ideas and basic layouts verbally before giving you a costing for the design works.

Once the design fee is agreed then the garden is surveyed, This involves measuring the boundaries and obtaining site levels which enables the designer to be able to fully allow for all elements when drawing it all up.

The design is then presented at the halfway stage which shows the garden in its concept form, we meet to discuss the ideas and thoughts behind the scheme and make any changes at this stage if required.

Finally the garden is presented at a final meeting where the design is fully detailed up with material & plant suggestions, At this point we will have a fully costed quote detailing all the elements of the garden so you can see how and where the costs are allocated.