Contemporary Garden Design in Kent

It's all about the materials. The use of stone, wood, and plants has created a truly stunning and unique garden that invites the space to be enjoyed whether you are swimming or relaxing!

Here we created a fantastic pool area close to the house to make it useable, we used a Renson structure to create an area to relax in the shade if required and with an electric opening roof it means you can control the amount of shelter you have.!

The materials we used here are Porcelain and hard wood timber for the decks and benches, The walls were made from locally sourced ragstone so keeping with a traditional material so it sits in the surroundings beautifully. The layout means you are not far from the house so it all links beautifully and encourages you outside. The driveway was finished in a resin bound material so its easy to keep looking great and provides a very smart entrance to the house.